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We’ve worked with a variety of organizations but our primary focus has been the LBM industry since 2000.  Emily’s foundation of business and accounting, coupled with her passion for wrangling inventory and operational excellence; make her an excellent resource for all the daily happenings in lumberyards and hardware stores. 


Experienced in family businesses and corporate settings, both large and small; she understands first hand the challenges organizations face day to day.


I help my clients build an accountable organization by eliminating shortcomings, creating feedback mechanisms, and improving internal process flows through leadership education. I not only work to make the flow more efficient, but also, I strive to ensure employees know WHY they are doing something, which I believe is a critical element to success.


From retail settings to corporate offices, local businesses and multi-location retailers, I enjoy getting to know each company’s story and employees, and use my experience to make their workplace more efficient and hopefully more fun. My financial savvy has helped many frazzled owners regain control of their business systems.


Communication and education are at the heart of all I do. Beginning with your financial snapshot, I use my farm-girl appreciation for a job done right to hone in on your business’ operation patterns. Good patterns and processes should be repeated and those with challenges should be refined to meet the desired output.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

While no two dealers are the same, my strategies return similar results. Regardless of whatever was underperforming, together we will measure progress and see clear results. Increased sales, improved gross margin, debt reduction – it will all add up to a healthier bottom line.


Gross Profit Increase


Debt Reduction


Meet Emily Overson

Emily Overson


Emily has years of experience helping her clients strengthen their business, improving process by incorporating accountability, eliminating shortcomings and creating feedback mechanisms.

She has worked with retail businesses in LBM, Automotive, Boat, Furniture, and Apparel.  The logistics of a trucking company are in her background along with creating a healthier bottom line in a Mental Health organization.  Her diverse background has helped her view opportunities and challenges with a varied approach.

Before launching her consulting business in 2019, Emily’s work career covered Accounting, Business Management, HR, IT.  In her roles as CFO and General Manager, she was key leadership often running the business for absentee owners.

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